Osmo experimental improvisation 'Dematerialization of DOME' at Mammal Gallery

"The walls begin to melt"...

Experimental improvisation was organized in collaboration with Mammal Gallery, Atlanta, GA. The event was dedicated to the demolition of the DOME. Progress on the construction of Mercedes-Benz Stadium has led officials to set a date for demolishing the Georgia Dome next door - 7:30 a.m. on Nov. 20. The night event at the Mammal Gallery consisted of 10 hours of full sensory experience for those who will spend the night in the gallery and watch demolition in the next morning. Guests were invited to the gallery and bringing pillows and blankets with them. 

Mood mapping: We developed an exclusive scent consisting of four parts, arranged diffusers in space in the experimental collaboration with other artists:

SIGHT : Video Dome by Eddie Farr
SOUND : William Kennedy’s Drone Orchestra
TOUCH : Bianca Acousta
TASTE : Isabella Corwell and Brian Egan

Four different formulas were built for the socialization of the 'ephemeral' osmo experience, which clearly demonstrates dematerialized art : the smells of the city through cement, tap water, city trees, rust, car exhausts and fresh smell of lawn.

Event: DOME : a tribute to the GA Dome through sensory excess, Mammal Gallery. 

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