Custom geometric candle pack (4 in pack)


Production of a custom limited edition of totem candles to order for your home, office or gift. The idea of this ordering opportunity is to get the experience of new scents, because perfume formulas are the main work of our studio.

Our signature candles in pentagonal shapes are a characteristic design object, pleasing in appearance and powerful aroma. You can use few candles during dinner and watch them melt beautifully into the lava.

Zapah_lab studio known for unique scent design for home products like candles and soaps. We are also known for never repeating our fragrances. Each new year, season, project and collaboration is a unique design.

Price per 4 pieces in a pack.

Production time 2 days minimum, maximum 5 days (negotiable, based on quantity and availability of all materials). If it will be necessary to purchase some special material, then the production will take up to 2 weeks and plus delivery time.

The design of the fragrance is entirely up to the perfumer. The client decides the direction of the character of the fragrance and the perfumer creates it in a style of the Zapah_lab studio.

Characters of scent directions: Green, woody, watery, musky, floral, citrusy, spicy.

Color options: White, black, blue, yellow, ivory, gray, and our signature “porcupine needles“ effect.

Wax: Unique blend of soy, paraffin and coconut wax for maximum ideal aroma content and texture. Hemp wick.

Shape: pentagonal.

115 ml / 3,9 oz 

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