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Scent sketch of the Atlanta Contemporary art centre.

EDP*, 15 mL

The Atlanta Contemporary - exhibition of Lonnie Holley: I Snuck Off the Slave Ship
Main components of Contemporary scent: cashmeran, rosemary, incense, hedione, etc. Total: 14 components, both natural and synthetic.
Aspects: Fresh, floral, ambery, green, leather.

Inspiring notes:

Stubborn rosemary, Herbal humid bush, Wire electric garlands, Japanese Magnolia stellata, Rusty metal on bicycle parking, Warm granite, Concrete, American bitter coffee, Old wood, Oil lubrication for doors, Clay, Rubber, Incense, Dusty leather of the Everlast boxing gloves, Bakery products, Bleach on metal, Soft smell of sweat on ping-pong racquetball, Acetone from markers, Crisp dollar notes.


Rosemary, white flowers, green tea, concrete, cocoa, clay, rubber, incense, leather, bleach, sea weed. 

*Eau de Parfum

Photography by Wyatt Kane,

Set design by artist Iman Person,

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Zapah Lab (Colorful) 03.jpg
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