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njoy the moment of olfactory travel through the three museums of Atlanta! We invite you to dive into this trilogy of scents and real places through smell of the art and environment. It is the trilogy of "Sensitive upgrade: Sense of smell as a power" by artistic scent duo ZAPAH_lab. 

The artist and the scientist create compositions through the smellscape mapping method. This occurs through the physical walk around and within the institution, compiled detailed notes and then analyzed sources, tested balanced formula. We fix the moment and the original exhibitions.

1/ The Atlanta Contemporary - Lonnie Holley: I Snuck Off the Slave Ship
Main components of Contemporary scent: cashmeran, rosemary, incense, hedione, etc. Full formula on the poster in the package.

Total: 14 components, both natural and synthetic.
Aspects: Fresh, floral, ambery, green, leather.
Stubborn rosemary, Herbal humid bush, Wire electric garlands, Japanese Magnolia stellata, Rusty metal on bicycle parking, Warm granite, Concrete, American bitter coffee, Old wood, Oil lubrication for doors, Clay, Rubber, Incense, Dusty leather of the Everlast boxing gloves, Bakery products, Bleach on metal, Soft smell of sweat on ping-pong racquetball, Acetone from markers, Crisp smell of dollar notes leaving the art center by the reception.

2/ The Museum of Design (MODA) - Food by Design: Sustaining the Future
Main components of MODA scent: leather, cedarwood atlas es.oil, isoamyl salicylate, cucumber aldehyde, sweet basil, cassia, ambroxan, coumarin. Full formula on the poster in the package.

Aspects: Green, fresh, earthy, ambery, leather.
Notes: Burnt polymer, Floral perfume, Clay, Heated glass, Hay, Burnt plastic for 3D printing, Vegetable herb for salads, Fresh ink in a books, Overheated computer, Raw cement, Hot metal, New plastic.

3/ The High Museum of Art - Daniel Arsham: Hourglass
Aspects: Earthy, amber animalic, woody, herbal.
White wood planks, Warm damp earth, Dog excrement, Raw cement, Evergreen, Elevator smells like a gym, Hot metal, Winter lawn, Lemon cleaner, Concrete, Cigarette smoke, Varnished parquet, Fountain water, Tiles, Car traffic and dust.

All our scents are always UNISEX. Each blend is developed with the utmost care and sophistication.

*Eau de Parfum

Photography by Wyatt Kane,

Set design by artist Iman Person,

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Zapah Lab (Colorful) 05.jpg
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