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Perfumery workshop August 17th

30.00 50.00

This Sunday, August 17th we are hosting workshop at our lab where you will learn to work with a selection of professional perfume components and you will get friendly guidance about the balance of aroma materials in your own fragrance formulas.

Three hours of the workshop will include a special presentation about an unpublished history of the emergence of gender in perfumes, revealing technical secrets and innovations in the art and scientific aspects of working with scents. Also, we will destroy clichés and myths about the perfume business and olfactory art.

You will have more than 100 components to try in 5 trials and to blend your formulation into 15 ml of personal perfume.

12:00 - Introduction,15 minutes
12:15 - Lecture + Sniffing Section, +-40 minutes
12:50 - Break 10 min
1:00 - Practice + Sniffing Section, 30 minutes
1:30 - Break 15 min
1:45 - Practice + Compile Scents, Complete Samples, from 1:45 pm until the end (approximately till 3-3:30).

Location at the Midtown, North Ave. You will receive address after confirmation.

Refunds due to the cancellation of participation are not possible, because we make expenses for the purchase of materials as perfume components and labware. But you can transfer your place to a friend.

If you have any questions please contact us by email to

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