Artistic Scent Design

399.00 550.00

The service is provided to any customers who organizes events, manages space, creates a performance or wants a unique perfume in our signature style. Final price varies based on the cost of materials.

If the scent is for space, the customer receives 2 bottles (with droppers) of 15 ml of concentrated perfume for the diffuser. If the scent is for body use, the customer picks up 2 spray bottles of 50 ml perfume in alcohol each.

Rate based on 5 business days.

Total fulfillment can take: 1 — 6 weeks and will include all the shipments, research and negotiations.

The selection of the final version of the formula will take place in two stages and each time there will be a choice of 3 samples.

Сost of materials: Depends and not included.

Production in soap and candle formats is also available. Cost of materials and production time are negotiable and based on deadline and quantity. Check our Custom Geometric Candles if you interested in pillar candles (115 ml) and candles in glass are available also (250 / 280ml).

All questions about custom formats you can send to our address:

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