Ending 2018

The completion of the 2018 year was massive and fruitful. We would like to express our gratitude to all our partners and friends with whom we have created something incredibly beautiful together. Some projects from the 2018 below.

MOVEMENT LOVE YOGA with Maggie Benoit at the Contemporary Atlanta art centre in collaboration with techno DJ Mesa

November, Atlanta Contemporary art centre

Here we played with the famous and most responsive human receptor hOR17-4 and musk receptor OR5AN1 through a bunch of molecules like cashmeran, exaltolide total, hedione, geosmin, floralozone, velvione and others which are contained in the new formula of the CONTEMPORARY 2 perfume. Techno DJ Mesa provided electronic ambient soundscape for the deepest immersion in sensory stimulation. In contrast to the night parties of electronic music, we had such an event for the first time and we are grateful to Maggie Benoit for the opportunity to experiment with our design in this format and space for such wonderful people. Photos by Maggie Banoit, Arianna Khmelniuk and Phuong Vo.

Launch of the CONTEMPORARY 2 fragrance

November, Atlanta Contemporary art centre

Then we had the launch of an updated formula of Contemporary perfume for 2019. Now new formula sparkles with sandalwood and rhubarb + cedarwood, musk, rosemary etc. The muse for ikebana installation was the stylist, model and art director Lily Gatins. Especially for the celebration of the new formula, we did a photo session with Wyatt Kane at the Goat Farm art centre.

Backstage. Pics by Arianna (Zapah_lab) and Phuong Vo.

OFFBEAT City Scent Bar

The Revery VR bar

Our art installation takes place in Atlanta’s VR bar Revery in a frame of immersive late-night food market OFFBEAT in which you can test drive sort of shopping of the air of the four innovative capitals. The scent installation raise question about memory and imagination and fantasies about the ecology of the urban future. We took for inspiration a research project about global urban trends of the BMW and Guggenheim Museum. The focus in the study and selection of molecules was based on the geolocation of megacities and our understanding of the purity of their air and water.

Berlin - Aspects: Soft, dry, musky, rainy; Components: Wet soil, blooming white flowers, animatic musk.

Mumbai - Aspects: Musky, woody, warm; Components: Incense, conifer woods, ambery notes.

New York - Aspects: Letherly, pheromonal, dry, metallic; Components: Watery notes, dusted white flowers, leather.

Tokyo - Aspects: Woody, green, crispy, watery; Components: Pink peppercorn, incense, fresh sea breeze notes, green leaves.

Photos by Ben Willis, Arianna Khmelniuk, CooperativeVision.

RITUAL NIGHT techno parties + night perfume

The Bakery Atlanta, Space 2

We had the opportunity to work in collaboration with our friends on RITUAL Night parties. First of all, we developed their signature fragrance for diffusers and fog machine. Then we had the joy of developing a night perfume for body and soul in honor of the fresh release ASCENDING AURORA of DJ Mesa on the French label Warok Music. Visuals by Analogzilla, Studio Mobius. Check them out! Web: ritualnight.com

Fragrance notes: oakmoss, iso e super, musk, rose, earth, pink peppercorn, sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver etc.

Pics by Arianna Khmelniuk. Model Lily Gatins.