Sensitive upgrade / Museum scent collection

The side-specific research about smells of art institutions was implemented in March 2017 in Atlanta. 

Blueprints of the High Museum of Art, Atlanta

Blueprints of the High Museum of Art, Atlanta

As emigrants we started with (super) re-consciousness who we are, where we are, why and where we will go further. To know how we accept or discriminate places, objects, emotions, even people, we began with the idea how we perceive with all of our senses. We have 5 ways to communicate with reality and of all the senses, smell is the least understood. We found that our unconsciousness about olfactory abilities is as infinite as our loss in a new stage of life or places. 

Here we started analyzing smells from the point of view of random finds in art spaces (which we often visited), and in our laboratory (mimicry and smellscape deconstruction). We were obsessed with the perception / discrimination of such information as smells, we are faced with "prejudices" that can be endless in the fixation of moments - health, weather, genetics, habits, gender, culture, race, age, weight, nationality... In fact, information from the environment (molecules) passes the "prejudice" filter and gets into virtual reality (our memory and emotions). And further in our personal olfactory universe we are dealing with a "remix" that was created regardless of "our choice" (this is a big question, what does "OUR" and "choice" mean in this case a large number of restrictions and "preferences"). 

For this research we supplemented the theoretical framework from scientific articles (chemistry, biology, psychology, sociology, marketing) and applied the smellscape walks method to collect actual data about the surroundings. This entailed the question of analyzing the emotional landscape in the same way. Thus, we analyze what we catch and feel in the three famous art institutions, approaching them and being inside them. 


Installation of results of smellscape mapping by ZAPAH_lab took place at the Conference Critical Juncture: The Work of Art (Emory Conference Center Hotel) in March 2017. In Sensitive Upgrade we shared the results of smellscape experiments from three art institutions in the city of Atlanta: The Atlanta Contemporary, the Museum of Design and the High Museum of Art. Visitors were introduced to smells, inspiration and formulas. 

Work: Three scents in perfume format / Manifesto about radical attention to the sense of smell as an important part of the perception of reality and as an art meduim.

Emory University, Atlanta, 2017