The smellscape route of Eiko Otake

"The body is a landscape, and landscape is a body." 


We detected / noted scents on the passed route of Eiko Otake, in her two-day workshop in Atlanta, which took place on Peachtree Street. "Body in Places" is the omnibus title of Eiko's first solo project, and first foray into exploring her unique and riveting theater of movement out of stillness, shape, light and sound, in non-traditional spaces. Eiko's body was as part of the landscape (including olfactory - smellscape) which dictated the algorithm for the composition of the formula. Workshop and Eiko's "walks" is based on breathing and contact with space. And it was important for us to participate in its workshop as well, in order to adopt techniques (meditative in a sense) of breathing for active sniffing. 

Photo by Wyatt Kane, style and set design by Iman Person.

Photo by Wyatt Kane, style and set design by Iman Person.

Eiko's works in public and unexpected spaces call for a conscious attitude to the resources of the planet, loneliness, ocean, radiation, etc. For us it was important that we experienced this walk with her on the famous street of Atlanta, where there are two museums, about which we made scents earlier (MODA and High). Thanks to her improvisation with the plants and flowers, we got a petal from the tulip, which she chewed (falling on a flower bed next of the business center building). This prompted us to dive into the section of floriography (language of flowers) is a means of cryptological communication through the use or arrangement of flowers. And we were especially interested in Hanakotoba (花言葉), Japanese form of the language of flowers, where plants were given codes and passwords. Two days in a row, Eiko "ate" the red tulips, which means Fame/Charity/Trust (Chūrippu, チューリップ). 

The scent EIKO will be presented in early spring of 2018 in next collection Dancers (working title, the line explores the movement of the body and breathing as contact with the place). The next series includes collaborations with contemporary ballet and performance artists.

Eiko's residency in Atlanta at Tanz Farm is made possible in part with support from the Japan Foundation, New York and its Performing Arts JAPAN program. 

Atlanta, 2017