Sculpture "Servant" at MOCA GA

The installation contains a floating sculpture of hair and bondage, as well as a fragrance on a pedestal.

The emphasis of dominance and subordination in suspension, entanglements in the three-dimensional expanse. Space and sculpture (mass) are inseparable elements, all arrays are contained in space, and at the same time, they shape around the center of gravity. The rhythm in the details and volumes of the soft materials in contrast to the metal carbines, emphasizing the duality of pleasure and agony, interwoven contrasting themes. 

The appeal to weaving hair here was inspired by traditional practices in Mongolian peoples. An intimate act when a mother braids her daughter's long hair, often against her will, as a manifestation of the mother's power, social bondage and daughter's submission. This intimate act also shows Mother's love, hopes, and expectations placed on the daughter.

In the subordination of the family structure, family members are experiencing lack freedom. Unsatisfied repulsion and attraction as necessary conditions of the Family as a process. The instinctive anxiety that transferred into the materials of floating sculpture, the intensity of that particular moment about identity, sexuality, violence, and guilt. 

The sculpture was showed during the show of The Hughley Fellowship. “Controlled Burn“.

The word Family originates from ‘famulus’ the Latin word which means "servant, slave”. 

Materials: Synthetic hair, carbines, scent, petri dish.

Size: 135 inches long.

Scent: 2,3,3-Trimethylindan-1-one, which character of the smell about pungent leather, can also resemble rubber or plastic. In the context of this installation, it associated a coded message about spanking with a leather belt, hairbrush, or palm.